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Limited Tort Lawyers

Have you recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, PA? Are you a Pennsylvania driver who has limited tort coverage and were recently hit by someone who resides in New Jersey or another state?

What It Means If You Have Limited Tort in Philadelphia, Bucks County, or Montgomery County, PA

Insurance companies have lobbied to pass laws which limit your right to sue a negligent party unless you have more serious injuries.  This means that even if an accident is not your fault you could be precluded from recovering your pain and suffering damages. Insurance companies have been very tricky by telling people that they can save money by taking limited tort coverage, and they are still fully covered.  However, by saving a relatively small amount of money, especially when it is spread over the entire year, people are giving up thousands of dollars of rights.  Full coverage does not mean full tort.  By taking a limited option, you give up the right to sue for pain and suffering in many cases.  Since there are exceptions and documentation of your injuries is key to overcoming these issues, you should contact our law firm immediately after you are in any motor vehicle accident.  If you are in New Jersey, taking the “no limitation on lawsuit” option on your automobile insurance is equivalent to full tort.

Many law firms will not even represent someone that has this type of insurance.  However, at Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman, Sigman & Schmidt, we will fight for you. Insurance companies know that our staff and resources allow us to successfully prove and win cases and that we will take a case to trial and verdict to prove you are deserving of compensation regardless of your tort selection.

If you have limited tort coverage and were involved in a serious automobile accident, seeking the help of a lawyer at our firm will help you to prove your case and convince the court that your injuries are life-altering, severe, and serious.

In fact, if the lawyer assigned to your case can prove that the other driver was:

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Injured you intentionally.
  • Was driving without valid insurance.
  • Or was driving a vehicle registered out-of-state vehicle in Delaware or another state,

These are exceptions that will qualify your case as full tort, regardless of your insurance selection.

When you choose The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman, Sigman & Schmidt you should expect your lawyer to thoroughly review your claim, and to help you have a better understanding of your rights. You can also expect your lawyer to:

  • Explain all of your insurance options and coverage choices;
  • Fight to win your fair compensation;
  • Demonstrate and prove to the jury or judge how your injury is serious and has impacted your life.

And much more!

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and feel that your coverage will keep you from receiving the compensation you deserve, call us now to speak with a car accident attorney at our Bucks County law firm. To schedule your free consultation, please dial 215-259-5958 today.