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June 29, 2016 at 9:41 pm | 5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

You look in your rear-view mirror and see a tractor trailer picking up speed behind you. Your two-year-old is crying in her car seat, and the driver in the lane next to you isn’t letting you over. Meanwhile, the tractor trailer has raced up to the rear bumper of your vehicle and does not appear to be slowing down for your vehicle which is the only thing between him and the open lane ahead. Luckily, you finally get over into the adjacent lane and avoid being rear-ended.

Sharing the road with large trucks can be difficult. These vehicles can be massive, weighing anywhere from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds. Getting into an accident with a large truck can be truly devastating.

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We will help you get the compensation you deserve as truck accidents can cause extensive economic damage, serious injury and even death. We will investigate everything surrounding the accident and find out its cause. Here are five common causes for the occurrence of truck accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers can be on the road and drive for anywhere up to 11 hours in a row. They can be traveling throughout the country at all hours of the day. This makes falling asleep at the wheel a real threat. Truck driving hours are strictly regulated and detailed driving and work logs are mandatory.

Weather Conditions

Having full control of a large truck can be a challenge when there are severe weather conditions. Pouring rain, blinding snow, gusting wind and pelting hail can easily limit visibility, make roads slick, shake a vehicle and where the truck driver is inexperienced or should not be on the road, it can cause a crash.  .

Improper Loading

Unsecured and improperly loaded cargo can cause serious accidents. Cargo and debris can fly out of a truck and onto the roadway, hitting other vehicles. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the debris is flammable. Improper loading can make a truck unbalanced, leading to jack-knifing, rollovers and tire blowouts.


Drivers who use any drugs or alcohol present an alarming risk. Being responsible for a larger vehicle and not being in the proper state of mind can create a frightening scenario. The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Unsafe Passing

Unsafe passing is another leading cause of accidents involving large trucks. Drivers who get frustrated being behind another slower tractor trailer often make rash moves, speeding past the truck and aggressively cutting them off. This can lead to a serious accident if the cars in front of the impatient driver stop and the truck driver doesn’t have adequate time or distance to stop their vehicle.

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