4 Driving Dangers to Stay Aware of While on the Road This Fall

Fall is here! As you’re enjoying everything pumpkin, seasonal apple cider and football games with friends, make sure you’re also staying aware of the dangers that can cause car accidents during this season.

If you rely on your car, motorcycle or truck during this time of year, make sure you’re keeping a special eye out for these fall dangers and make sure that you have the number of a Bucks County auto or motorcycle lawyer from the Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman and Nash in the event of an accident.

  • Watch out for children. Fall means back to school for children, which means more cars and buses on the roads. Drivers need to watch out for increased pedestrian traffic in the morning and afternoon as children walk to and from school and their neighborhood bus stops. Also, as the days get shorter and Halloween approaches, more and more children will be outside playing when it starts to get dark out. If you’re driving through a residential area, make sure to drive below the speed limit and keep your headlights turned on to avoid an accident.
  • Leaves. Fall is a beautiful time of year with the colorful foliage, but as leaves begin to fall, they cover the roads, making streets slick while obscuring traffic lines and other pavement markings. They also hide potholes and other road hazards. And when it rains, it can make those wet leaves on the roadway as dangerous as ice.
  • Deer. The fall season brings an increase in deer activity because it’s their time for mating and migrating. If you live in a deer-heavy area, watch for darting deer, especially when driving at night.
  • Fog. Cold fall mornings often lead to fog, which can greatly limit your driving visibility and perception of distance. Fog tends to occur in low places or areas surrounded by hills, water, mountains, and trees. One common mistake drivers make during foggy conditions is putting on their high beams instead of staying with their low beams. This only makes visibility worse because your high beams will bounce off the fog and create glare. When driving through fog, slow down and stay well behind the car in front of you so you’ll have adequate time to stop if you need to.

Keeping yourself safe on the road this fall is all about keeping aware of your surroundings, turning your headlights on and slowing down. If you are in an accident and require the assistance of a Bucks County truck accident attorney, be sure to call our legal team at the Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman and Nash at 215-259-5958 as soon as it is safe for you to do so.

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