What You Need to Know about Premises Liability This Winter

Every year, the arrival of winter brings shorter days, grey skies, and cold weather, but it also brings many hazards like snow, ice, sleet and black ice throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  For pedestrians, ice can be extremely dangerous when left untreated.  Our personal injury lawyers in Montgomery County know that each year, thousands of property owners are held liable for injuries occurring on their property thanks to winter weather. No matter if you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you need to understand the area of law known as “premises liability,” and make smart choices this winter to avoid trouble.
In a nutshell, premises liability results from the duty the law places upon a property owner to inspect for known and unknown danger and to take action to provide a safe environment for customers, guests or visitors. Premises liability claims can be someone tripping and falling over a broken sidewalk which was not repaired, but premises liability claims also occur more often during the winter, as more weather-related dangers increase the number of accidental falls, slips and tripping that occur. These falls often result in serious injuries including broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, and can even result in death.
Liability is established by proving that a property owner was negligent in failing to treat and/or clear dangers on their property or did not adequately warn customers or visitors that there was a danger which the owner should have known existed.
For example, let’s say that there is ice on the sidewalk in front of both Store A and Store B. Store A’s owner puts ice melt or sale on the sidewalk and clears away the ice as soon as she notices it has formed.  Since she cannot entirely remove the ice, she places a warning sign to alert the public and visitors to be careful of the ice. Store B’s owner figures that the ice is not a big deal, and in a few hours it will just melt by itself when the afternoon sun hits the walkway.  He does nothing. In this scenario, should someone slip and hurt themselves because of the ice, Store B’s owner will be liable for the resulting injuries because of his negligence in the way he maintains his property.  Store A’s owner would not be liable, and because of her actions, no one will be hurt on her property.
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