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July 25, 2016 at 9:02 pm | 7 Areas of Personal Injury Law We Cover

Suffering an injury or getting into an accident can leave you feeling physical, emotional and financial pain. It also leaves you with a number of questions.

Who do I contact? How do I pick up the pieces? Can I afford to pay my hospital bills? Who is a reliable injury lawyer in the Camden and Philadelphia areas?

The Law Offices of Rovner, Allen, Rovner, Zimmerman & Nash can help you through this difficult time. We use our experience and resources to help you get the settlement you deserve. There are many different areas of personal injury law that we cover.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide representation for victims of various types of auto accidents involving cars, tractor trailers, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, public transportation and even aviation. In our last blog, we discussed the five common causes of truck accidents: Driver fatigue, weather conditions, improper loading, impairment and unsafe passing.

Premises Liability

If you are injured on someone else’s premises, property owners, landlords and property managers can be found to be negligent and liable for the damages, losses and injuries. Some examples of related cases are sidewalk accidents, slips and falls, slippery surfaces, construction site accidents, tripping hazards, elevator and escalator accidents, inadequate lighting and security, falling objects, snow and ice falls, broken concrete and sidewalks, dog or animal bites, fire injury and much more.

Medical Malpractice

A medical provider or facility can be held responsible for medical mistakes and deficiencies, failing to diagnose a medical condition and injuries due to negligence. We can help you get the compensation you deserve by conducting a thorough investigation and exhausting our available resources such as medical lawyers, doctors and experts.

Wrongful Death

When a close family member has died as the result of negligence, we help the heirs obtain the correct settlement that will help the family and other heirs of the deceased, reimburse funeral expenses recover lost financial earnings and compensate them for the grief of such a devastating loss.

Product Liability

Defective manufacturing, warnings, and design flaws are often responsible for serious personal injuries. We can help prove the liability of a manufacturer and store, making them responsible for resulting injuries.

Worker’s Compensation

We help recover lost wages and medical benefits whenever someone is injured at work. Our goal is to get you the financial relief you are entitled to receive

Social Security Disability

Where you are denied Social Security Disability benefits, we can file your appeal and prove your disability and entitlement to receive disability benefits.

If you are in need of representation and need a Philly injury lawyer, we would be glad to assist you. To find out more information or schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 215-259-5958 or visit our website.